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Everyone needs a dream. When graduate school has ground you to a fine pulp, all you want to do is quit and start a coffee shop/bakery… because who doesn’t enjoy a cup of coffee and a muffin, scone, or other pastry? But we’re too stubborn to change course now, even if it seems like the most logical decision. So here we are, Forrest and Melissa, cooking and baking for your pleasure. Since we started blogging in 2013, Forrest has graduated with his Ph.D and Melissa continues her march toward academic stardom! With six degrees among us, watch as we take on kitchen challenges that will confound and amaze! Follow us on our journeys from Binghamton, NY to New Haven, CT to the East Bay, CA and we’ll promise you a few good recipes along the way… along with a healthy dose of disaster and mayhem (because that’s the Forrest way).

Melissa is currently studying art history at Binghamton University. Forrest studied chemical engineering at Yale. We met more than a decade ago at the Eli Whitney Museum in Hamden, CT where we worked for most of our adolescence and too many summers to count.


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