You’re a Peach (Bourbon-Peach Cocktail)

Bourbon Peach CocktailHaving unpacked at our new location, it’s time to take a vacation. And where are we going? Well, nowhere unfortunately… sorry to get your hopes up (and mine… sigh). Classes and grading, writing and reading, Netflix and yoga take up so much of our time! Ever since I was devising vacation plans this past summer (none of which were realized, again unfortunately), I managed to get it into my head that I really, really, really wanted to spend some time in Savannah. I have no idea why considering that I’ve never been there, or even to the South, and I haven’t read or watched anything recently that would have precipitated this need. But there it is, stuck, until I/we can find the time to make some plans. In the meantime, I can dream of the history and heat, trees dripping with Spanish moss… and finally order a copy of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

Assuming that y’all (I’m already there in my mind) have made your peach liqueur by now, you must be wondering, “gee, what do I do with this.” Of course, maybe you’ve decided that the nectar is just right for sipping, or perhaps you’ve experimented with combinations of your own. If not, allow me to provide some guidance that will bring you along to Georgia with me. “Yes, that is thoughtful of me. How kind of you to say!… You’re a peach, too.” Since peach liqueur is not a very common ingredient, there isn’t much in the way of standard cocktail recipes. Most peach flavored cocktails use Southern Comfort (a peach flavored bourbon liqueur), peach bitters (also relatively unique), or macerated fresh peaches. While I am always a fan of using fresh fruit, I highly doubt that the peach flavor would be as prevalent as if you used an infusion like in our previous post. Bourbon and peaches both recall the South – KY and GA (bourbon which is filtered a little differently represents TN, if you prefer Jack Daniels) – and their tastes are quite complementary, so why not mix them? For your pleasure, the cocktail presented here is a wonderful blend of spice and sweetness with a thoroughly pleasing finish that makes you wish you were spending the early fall out on your expansive porch staring at the horizon of weeping trees and lush grass as the brilliant dusk slowly washes out of the sky…

You're a Peach (Bourbon- Peach Cocktail)
  1. 2 oz bourbon (I used Buffalo Trace)
  2. 1 oz strong homemade peach liqueur (that means undiluted)
  3. 2-3 dashes of Angostura bitters (believe me, this is necessary)
  4. One large orange peel
  1. Chill a cocktail glass for 5 minutes. Rub the inside of an orange peel around the inside of the glass. Stir components together in a shaker with ice and drain into a the cocktail glass. Drop in the orange peel.
  1. Just a few tasting notes: I expect that for many who prefer their whiskey forward, rye whiskey would be the way to go here. Buffalo Trace Bourbon is surprisingly smooth (most noticeable in the finish) when paired with the peach liqueur and so creates an exceptionally light drink (that is light in taste, not alcohol content). Also, this drink without bitters is a wash - you will taste mostly bourbon with a faint hint of peach. The bitters brings peach front and center, and believe it or not, rounds out the whiskey. To serve with ice would regrettably dilute both main components and render the subtlety of the orange peel moot. These observations aside, each batch of homemade peach liqueur will be slightly different, so feel free to play with the formula.
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